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Empowering Young People to Create Sustainable Change in Underserved Uganda

From Vision to Action: Young people take the Lead

Welcome to Omuto Foundation, where we nurture dreams and ignite hope—one young person at a time. Our dedicated programs empower youth to become leaders and problem-solvers in their lives and communities, emphasizing skills, entrepreneurship, and civic responsibility


Individuals Reached

through educational workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns.


Young Leaders

equipped with essential skills in leadership, public speaking, project management, and entrepreneurship.


Program Participants

demonstrate improved understanding of key topics such as health, leadership, and social issues.

Our Mission:

To empower young people by improving access to education, healthcare, and mentorship. We use community-driven approaches to build sustainable solutions that promote social justice and improve quality of life for all. Through our programs and partnerships, we aim to create a world where every young person has the opportunity to thrive.

Make a Difference Today: Support Omuto's Mission!

At Omuto Foundation, we are more than an organization – we are a dynamic movement of hope, progress, and empowerment. Our unwavering commitment to nurturing young talents and uplifting underserved communities exemplifies the transformative power of unity and action. We invite you to join us on this impactful journey of change.

Our Flagship Programs

From Mentorship, to Youth-led community projects, our programs focus on individual and collective transformation of underserved communities in Uganda
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Young Alive Clubs - YACs
Promoting Adolescent Health in Schools

Our Young Alive Clubs in schools aim to empower young people in their health and well-being through education and community engagement

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Youth Ambassadors Program - YAP
Building Young Leaders for a Better Tomorrow

The Youth Ambassadors Program equips young leaders with the skills and resources they need to drive positive change in their communities.

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Gifted Cubs Football Academy - GCFA
Promoting Grassroots Football for Youth Empowerment

GCFA is a grassroots football academy using football game as a tool for youth development, social action and community building

Why Choose Omuto?

Your support for Omuto Foundation goes beyond charity—it's an investment in the potential of youth, the vibrancy of communities, and the sustainable development of underserved areas in Uganda.

Proven Impact:

Since our establishment in 2019, we have demonstrated consistent commitment, impact, and growth. Our track record speaks to our dedication and effectiveness in youth empowerment.

Commitment to Social Justice

At the Omuto Foundation, we believe in promoting social justice and equity for all. We are committed to working toward a world where every young person has the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Community-Driven Impact

We believe in the power of communities to drive change. Our grassroots solutions are co-created with local communities, ensuring relevance, sustainability, and a deeper impact on the lives of the underserved.

Sustainable Solutions

We are committed to building solutions that are sustainable and have a lasting impact. Our programs focus on creating long-term impact by nurturing skills, knowledge, and leadership abilities that continue to benefit communities well into the future.

SDGs and Global Alignment

Omuto Foundation's initiatives align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), making us part of a global effort to create a better world for all. By supporting us, you contribute to these global goals.

Collaborative Spirit

We know that we can't achieve our mission alone. That's why we work collaboratively with a wide range of partners, including local organizations, businesses, and individuals who share our commitment to youth empowerment and social change.

omuto logo briefDiscover The Work We Do in Rural Uganda

Know the Facts

Where We Work: UGANDA

Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world, with over 78% of its citizens under the age of 30. This youth bulge presents both an opportunity and a challenge. If engaged and empowered, Uganda’s youth can be a driving force for sustainable development and economic growth. However, high unemployment and lack of opportunity can also lead to disillusionment and instability.

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Become a Partner

Join us to amplify impact and create lasting change in Uganda's underserved communities.

Support our Programs

Your contributions directly fund programs that empower young minds and uplift communities.

Spread the Word

Share our mission with your network, raising awareness and rallying support for our cause.

Omuto Model Continues To Impact Change At The Grassroots

SEPT 2023 : The Young Leaders Camp, Cohort 1, brought together 57 exceptional students. Through engaging workshops, interactive sessions, and team-building activities, participants honed their leadership skills and gained a deeper understanding of SDGs and effective communication strategies. These students emerged as confident leaders ready to make a difference in their lives and communities.

Your Support, Their Empowerment

Every contribution to Omuto Foundation is a step towards a brighter, more equitable Uganda. Your support equips young leaders, transforms lives, and paves the way for a future of sustainable change. Join us today in creating a legacy of empowerment and progress.

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Shop With a Purpose

By shopping our merchandise, you are directly contributing to this cause and helping to create a brighter future for the young leaders and communities. Join us in making a positive impact and shop with purpose at Omuto Shop.

With You, We Can Reach Our Goal

🌱 Kammengo Community Demo Garden

Support Youth Ambassadors of Kammengo chapter create a sustainable garden to provide fresh produce for the residents of Kammengo and a space for education and community building.

Raised: $1,500

🏠 Omuto Youth Empowerment Hub

Help us build the Omuto Youth Center! Your donation will provide a safe space for young people to learn, grow, and thrive. 

Raised: $500

🏕 YAP-SLF Young Leaders Camp

Empower young leaders to create lasting change! Your donation provides food, materials and scholarships for deserving participants to attend our transformative camp.

Raised: $1,600

rtk logoAre you a Business, Church, School or Community? Partner With Us!

Driven By Youth, Fueled by Change!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Omuto Foundation is a youth-focused, grassroots organization dedicated to empowering young leaders and creating sustainable change in underserved communities across Uganda. Our programs encompass education, healthcare, mentorship, performing arts, and more.

"Omuto" is a Luganda word that translates to "youth." Our name reflects our core mission of nurturing and empowering the youth of Uganda.

We believe in holistic empowerment and community-driven solutions. By nurturing skills, knowledge, and leadership abilities among youth, we create a ripple effect that brings about positive, lasting change in communities.

Our initiatives align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), contributing to a global effort to address issues like poverty, education, health, and social justice.

Yes, we encourage volunteers who are passionate about youth empowerment and community development to join us. Explore volunteer opportunities in the "Get Involved" section.

We combine youth development, community engagement, performing arts, and innovative approaches to drive sustainable change. Our emphasis on grassroots solutions and inclusivity sets us apart.

Absolutely. We prioritize transparency and accountability, ensuring that your donations are used effectively and responsibly to impact the lives of marginalized children and young leaders.

We combine youth development, community engagement, performing arts, and innovative approaches to drive sustainable change. Our emphasis on grassroots solutions and inclusivity sets us apart.




Since 2019, Omuto Foundation, a Ugandan non-profit focused on education and community development, is working to empower youth to create positive change from within. Through programs focused on developing leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and civic responsibility, Omuto Foundation is helping youth become leaders and problem-solvers in their communities.