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About Us

As a grassroots youth-led movement, Omuto Foundation works to protect children's rights, improve health, and support young people's education in order to improve underserved communities in Uganda.

Omuto means 'a young person' in Luganda, the most widely spoken language in Uganda

Founded by a group of local young people who experienced orphanhood, extreme poverty, neglect, and abuse while growing up, Omuto Foundation protects vulnerable children from similar situations. It offers them opportunities to have fuller lives and pass on the impact.

"We are committed to building an enduring and dynamic culture of social action so that youth can be empowered to build better futures for themselves, their families, and the country at large." - Zam, Co-Founder.

OFFICES:  Kammengo, Mpigi, Uganda
REGISTRATION No.:  80020003361632 (URSB)
CHARITY No.: 026 (Mpigi DNMC)
BANK ACC. No.: 903 002 095 3852 (SBICUGKX)
TIN No.: 1025029629
FOUNDED:  October, 14th, 2019

our mission

Our Vision

A holistically empowered young generation fighting poverty and building communities.

Omuto Foundation is creating a youth-led community that empowers children and young people to fight poverty and oppression, helps them grow, and gives them the voice to become active change agents in their communities in Uganda.

Our Mission

"We serve to empower underserved children and young people to fight poverty, uphold their rights and build their communities"

There is a need to provide opportunities, a voice, and a place for children and young people in underserved communities.

our vision
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Our Belief

Omuto believes young people are strong and capable, as are their communities. As a volunteer-based organization, we are confident in the power of our partners, including youth volunteers, organizations, schools, and government supporters. We believe in our ability to learn from others and to apply that learning to our work. Whether in the life of a student, the strength of a community, or the health of our country, we strive to make an impact. Ultimately, we aim to ensure that every young Ugandan living in underserved communities can inspire others with their lives

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Omuto Strategic Plan 22-26

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In Mpigi schools, decrease Sexual violence and malnutrition rates by promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), as well as Food and Nutrition Health (FNH) for a healthier adolescent population by 2026.
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Promote socioeconomic independence through the development of entrepreneurship skills, sports, and inborn talents among vulnerable children in the Mpigi area by 2026.
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Increase awareness, education, and support of children's rights and responsibilities in Mpigi district to reduce child abuse and neglect by 2026
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Community participation is necessary for the creation of a lasting change. Join the Omuto Family Today!

In order to accomplish our mission, we rely on our volunteers, staff, board members, and partners. The Board of Directors provides strategic direction to the management team and staff in working with local community ambassadors and volunteers to reach vulnerable children in underserved areas.


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We’re a Different Kind
of children's charity.

Using simple methods, we empower children and young people to overcome poverty and make a lasting difference, not just for a day or a year, but for a lifetime. Every action we take has a lasting impact

You Have the Power Today to Change Tomorrow!

A Word From our Executive Director

In my youth life, I have dedicated myself to helping marginalized children have a brighter future than their pasts. Every young person deserves a helping hand, regardless of the issues that marred their childhoods, whether it was parental death, illness, abandonment, or abuse. We should give them every opportunity to become productive, happy, healthy, and independent adults....

  • "Through my own experience and my involvement in the lives of marginalized children, I have learned that we all have a role to play."
Mark Mike
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P.O.Box 200012, Mpigi, Uganda

Since 2019, Omuto Foundation, an independent, nonpartisan, non-governmental organisation which is incorporated under the laws of Uganda, improves the lives of marginalized children by nurturing young talents, challenging child poverty, and upholding their rights.