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Mission & Vision

Every child and young person deserves the chance to reach their full potential. Unfortunately, many young people in rural Uganda face significant challenges that prevent them from accessing the resources and opportunities they need to succeed. That's where we come in.

'Omuto' means 'a young person' in Luganda

We envision thriving communities where young people are empowered to become agents of change, creating positive impact and building a better future for themselves and others.


We envision a future where every young person is empowered to address inequalities and build sustainable communities, creating a world of equal opportunities for all.

At Omuto Foundation, we are driven by the passion and energy of young people who are leading a grassroots movement for change in underserved communities.


We empower young people through improving education, healthcare, and mentorship, using community-driven approaches to build sustainable solutions that promote social justice and improve quality of life for all.

We are not just building communities, but nurturing a movement of young people that are leaders in health, education and rights promotion. Join us in creating a bright future for Uganda!


At Omuto Foundation, we believe that education, empowerment and community development are powerful tools that can be used to bring lasting change to impoverished communities. Together, we can make a difference that lasts a lifetime


Omuto Foundation supports UN Sustainable Development Goals


Through innovative and holistic programs, we support their physical, mental, social, and economic wellbeing, providing opportunities for them to grow and lead in a changing world


Through our innovative programs, the organization is empowering young people to become agents of change, harnessing their creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills to build stronger and more prosperous communities, while also promoting social inclusion, environmental stewardship, and a culture of peace and cooperation.


Founded by a group of local young people who experienced orphanhood, extreme poverty, neglect, and abuse while growing up, Omuto Foundation protects vulnerable children from similar situations.

Omuto Strategic Plan 22-26

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In Mpigi schools, decrease Sexual violence and malnutrition rates by promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), as well as Food and Nutrition Health (FNH) for a healthier adolescent population by 2026.
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Promote socioeconomic independence through the development of leadership, entrepreneurship skills, sports, and inborn talents among young people in the Mpigi area by 2026.
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Reduce child abuse and neglect in Mpigi District by December 2026, by implementing community education and outreach programs aimed at empowering and educating children, parents, and caretakers to understand and respect children's rights and responsibilities. 
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You Have the Power Today to Change Tomorrow!

Since 2019, Omuto Foundation, a Ugandan non-profit focused on education and community development, is working to empower youth to create positive change from within. Through programs focused on developing leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and civic responsibility, Omuto Foundation is helping youth become leaders and problem-solvers in their communities.