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YAP | Student Leaders' Forum

Welcome to the YAP-Student Leaders' Forum! An initiative of the Omuto Foundation to empower leadership within student leaders such as prefects and class leaders across Mpigi and beyond.


Our mission is to inspire a wave of positive change within our schools and communities, one leader at a time. We believe that every student leader has the potential to be a catalyst for change, and our mission is to provide them with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to realize this potential.


Student Leaders

Our goal is to empower 10,000 student leaders by 2025. We aim to equip these leaders with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to effect positive change. Through our Leadership Training Workshops and mentorship programs, we are fostering a new generation of leaders who are ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

We are on a Mission...

to empower, transform, and inspire. We believe in the power of youth leadership and its potential to create a ripple effect of positive change in our schools and communities.


Student-led Initiatives

We are on a mission to inspire innovation and creativity among student leaders. Our goal is to launch 500 student-led initiatives by 2025. These initiatives, aligned with the UN SDGs, will serve as platforms for students to put their leadership skills into action and contribute directly to sustainable development.

YAP-SLF Philosophy

We believe that every student leader holds the potential to be a catalyst for positive change. Our philosophy is rooted in the power of youth leadership and its capacity to transform schools and communities. We are committed to nurturing this potential, fostering a culture of leadership that aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). 

 Empowerment through Education

Through our Leadership Training Workshops and mentorship programs, we provide student leaders with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to lead effectively. Our educational approach focuses on developing core leadership skills such as decision-making, communication, team building, and problem-solving.

Encouraging Innovation

We inspire student leaders to think outside the box. By promoting creativity and innovation, we aim to foster a new generation of leaders who can find unique solutions to contemporary challenges.

Fostering Social Responsibility

We instill a sense of social responsibility in our student leaders. Through community service projects and initiatives aligned with the UN SDGs, we encourage students to use their leadership skills for the betterment of their communities and the world at large.

Building a Community of Leaders

We aim to create a network of young leaders who can learn from each other, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. This community-building approach fosters a supportive environment where student leaders can thrive.

Stand with us today as we shape the leaders of tomorrow.

 Your journey towards making a significant impact starts here at the Student Leaders' Forum.


Underserved Communities

Our ultimate mission is to create a sustainable cycle of positive change in 30 underserved communities. We aim to inspire student leaders who not only effect change during their tenure but also continue to contribute to their communities and the world at large long after.
Join us at the Student Leaders' Forum as we work towards empowering the next generation of leaders. Together, we can inspire change and contribute to a sustainable future for all. Your journey towards making a significant impact starts here.

YAP-SLF Model of Change

The Student Leaders' Forum (YAP-SLF), utilizes a unique Model of Change that aligns with Omuto Foundation's holistic model for youth development. This model is encapsulated in the acronym OMUTO: Overcome, Maximize, Utilize, Transform, Overachieve.

1. Overcome:

The first step in our model is to help student leaders overcome any barriers or challenges they may face in their leadership journey. We provide them with the necessary support and resources to navigate through these hurdles

2. Maximize: 

We then focus on maximizing the potential of each student leader. Through our educational and mentorship programs, we help students to maximize their skills and talents, preparing them for leadership roles.

3. Utilize: 

Once student leaders have maximized their potential, we encourage them to utilize their skills and knowledge for positive change. This could be through initiating their own projects, participating in community service, or advocating for the UN SDGs within their schools and communities.

4. Transform: 

The transformation stage is where we aim to see student leaders effecting positive change in their schools and communities. This transformation is not only personal but also extends to their peers and the wider community.

5. Overachieve:

The final stage of our model is overachievement. We inspire student leaders to set high goals and strive to overachieve them, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.


We believe that student leadership plays a crucial role in achieving the UN's SDGs. Our programs are designed to promote the principles of the SDGs among student leaders, encouraging them to advocate, engage, and build initiatives that contribute to these goals.

1. Leadership Training Workshops: Our workshops emphasize the importance of sustainable development, teaching students how their leadership can contribute to the UN SDGs.
Mentorship Programs: Our mentors guide students in aligning their leadership initiatives with the SDGs.
2. Community Service Projects: Our projects are designed to contribute directly to specific SDGs, promoting social responsibility among student leaders.
3. Student-led Initiatives: We encourage students to launch initiatives that contribute to the SDGs, fostering a sense of global citizenship and responsibility.

Our goals align with the UN's vision for 2023 and beyond. We aim to empower student leaders who will drive accelerated progress towards the SDGs. By empowering 10,000 student leaders and launching 500 student-led initiatives by 2025, we aim to create a network of young leaders who continue to work towards the realization of the SDGs.

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Since 2019, Omuto Foundation, a Ugandan non-profit focused on education and community development, is working to empower youth to create positive change from within. Through programs focused on developing leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and civic responsibility, Omuto Foundation is helping youth become leaders and problem-solvers in their communities.