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Be the Change. Become a Youth Ambassador.

Join Omuto Foundation's YAP program and lead the transformation of your community. Design projects, gain skills, and create lasting impact aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Beyond sharing stories, promoting peace, and exercising leadership, youth ambassadors rebuild communities.


YAP Sub Projects


Developing young leaders and promoting the SDGs is essential for creating positive change in underserved communities. These forum empowers student leaders to drive local development and advocacy efforts.


The young leaders camp is a residential program that provides intensive leadership training and mentorship to young people to acquire valuable skills  through engaging workshops, fun interactive sessions, and team-building activities.


The Youth Action 2030 (Yapvolution) is Omuto Foundation's force of young leaders tackling the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We're ending poverty, fighting inequality, protecting the planet...and we won't stop until we get it done.

YAP-YA2030 Awards

An annual awards event that recognizes and celebrates outstanding youth-led initiatives and projects that contribute to sustainable development and peace building in Uganda.


The Future is YOU-th

Youth are Uganda's future. YAP gives you the tools, mentorship, and community to make a real difference. Tackle climate change, fight for equality, improve community health – there's no limit to what you can achieve.

How YAP Works

Find Your Passion
Build Your Team
Create Change

The YAP Difference

Leadership and project management training

Supportive community network

Earn points to unlock opportunities (internships, etc.)

Mentorship from experienced leaders

Focus on real solutions that last

Join the YAPvolution Today!

Jimmy, 19

Jimmy always loved to dance and perform, but he never saw it as anything more than a hobby. After joining Omuto's Youth Ambassadors Program, he discovered the power of arts for communication and community building. Inspired, Jimmy formed a drama group in Kammengo, bringing joy and creative expression to local children. Through plays and skits, Jimmy and his group tackle serious issues like bullying and health awareness, sparking important conversations and empowering young people to find their own voices.


Aisha, 16

Aisha always noticed that girls at her school would miss class for days at a time, especially during their periods. At first, she thought it was just laziness, but after talking to her friends, she realized the truth: many girls couldn't afford sanitary pads and were too ashamed to come to school. Aisha was determined to change that. Through Omuto's Youth Ambassadors Program, she launched the "Pads for Progress" project – raising awareness about period poverty, collecting donations of sanitary supplies, and even teaching workshops on how to make reusable pads. Now, girls in Aisha's school feel supported and empowered, and class attendance has improved for everyone.


Power Up Your Changemaking: Explore YAP Booklets

Deepen your skills and amplify your impact as a Youth Ambassador with our specialized booklets. Choose the topics that speak to you and your goals! If you need any of them, let us know.


Turn your passion into action! This booklet is your guide to creating social enterprises that solve problems AND make a difference.

The Journey Within:

Unlock your potential and create the change YOU want to see. Our Journey Within booklet teaches self-reflection, goal-setting, and resilience.

Speak Up:

Your voice matters! Learn advocacy skills, powerful communication, and how to influence decision-makers with the Speak Up booklet.

Building Bridges: 

Faith in action: This booklet helps young Christians connect their beliefs to community service, sparking positive change. "

The Inner Champion: 

Developing Confidence and a Positive Mindset: Provides tools for self-affirmation, overcoming self-doubt, and celebrating victories.

Digital Storytellers:

Using Video and Social Media for Change: Teaches impactful filmmaking on a budget (even smartphones), responsible social media use.

Ready, Set, Launch:

Navigating Adulthood and Future Planning: Practical skills like budgeting, job searching, setting personal/educational goals.

Healthy Choices, Healthy Life:

A Teen's Guide to Wellness: Holistic wellness - balanced eating, exercise, stress management, avoiding risky behaviors.

Art as Action: 

Using Creativity to Spark Conversations: Explores diverse art forms - visual, poetry, music - and how they can address social issues.

Tech for Good:

Using technology as a tool for social change, exploring apps, social media campaigns, and how digital platforms can amplify youth voices.

Your Stage, Your Voice:

A guide to using theater and performance to educate, inspire dialogue, and promote empathy.

Let Peace Prevail:

Understanding conflict resolution on interpersonal and community levels, developing effective communication and mediation skills.


Environmental action for youth, connecting local issues to global concerns, and implementing sustainable solutions.

Let Her Be:

Gender Champions: Promoting gender equality, unpacking harmful stereotypes, and creating awareness of girls' rights and issues.


Strong money skills are an essential part of any changemaker's toolkit. Money Matters helps you plan, spend wisely, and make the most of your resources to create the impact you want

YAP Tackles Global Challenges

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are our roadmap to a better world. YAP empowers you to lead on the SDGs you care about most, ensuring a brighter future for Uganda and the planet.


Themes We Cover

Youth study, share ideas and carry out projects in line with the following themes


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A three-year Adolescent Health and WASH in Schools program implemented by Omuto Foundation and local partners.

Since 2019, Omuto Foundation, a National non-profit (INDR163565751NB) focused on  education and community development, is working to empower youth to create positive change from within. Through programs focused on developing leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and civic responsibility, Omuto Foundation is helping youth become leaders and problem-solvers in their communities.

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